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  • ديسمبر 7, 2022
  • Last Update سبتمبر 6, 2022 4:14 م
  • Mississauga

Who We Are

Who we are? 23 REPUBLIC is an Arabic Canadian platform for Arab communities specifically in Canada and north America, as well as in diaspora countries and the middle east.

Our Story

Though Arabs are united in 22 Arabian countries, yet there are millions of Arab immigrants that live out of their country of origin across the world.

From this point emerged Our Story, which is creating a diversified TV station that designs a homeland for all Arab immigrants, around the world, on one common ground making it their 23rd home.

Canadian affiliated, yet Arabian oriented, our platform thrives to serve as a bridge amid Arabian communities in Canada and diaspora at one side and the western societies, where they live, on the other hand, through presenting our cultural heritage to reinforce relations between Arabian communities and other communities in Canada and around the world.

Our station presents content that targets simplifying the Arab immigrants’ life and helping them to merge within their communities and to act effectively and productively.

Who we are
Who we are

Furthermore, the station operates 24/7 to present news content that earns trust and credibility of Arabic communities, as well as the western society all together.

Our channel is a social media-based network that thrives to produce variant media services.



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